Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions (Bring your ideas and Hashcom will make it a reality)

Turnkey Solutions

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At Haschom Limited, we pride ourselves on being your trusted partner for comprehensive turnkey solutions. With a wealth of expertise in diverse technologies, we offer end-to-end services that span from project conception to completion. Our turnkey solutions encompass everything from project planning and design to procurement, construction, and final commissioning. We excel in delivering seamless, cost-effective, and efficient projects, ensuring our clients' peace of mind while we handle the complexities. When you choose Haschom Limited, you're choosing a partner committed to bringing your vision to life, providing a one-stop solution for all your project needs.

  • Streamlined Excellence: Haschom Limited's turnkey solutions offer a streamlined approach, from inception to execution. We seamlessly integrate all project phases, ensuring optimal efficiency, reduced costs, and faster project delivery. With us, you get a turnkey experience that simplifies the complexities of your project, allowing you to focus on your core objectives while we take care of the rest.

  • Total Confidence, Total Solutions: We provide more than just solutions; we offer total confidence. With a track record of successfully delivering turnkey projects across various industries, Haschom Limited combines experience, innovation, and commitment to ensure your project's success. We handle every detail, so you can trust us to bring your vision to reality with precision and excellence.

You Always Get the Best Turnkey Solution

At our core, we believe in one simple principle: You always get the best solution. We're committed to providing top-notch answers to your technological needs.

Intercom Solutions

Elevating Communication with Intercom Solutions

In the dynamic world of broadcasting, the need for efficient communication is paramount. Broadcast companies rely on seamless, real-time interaction to orchestrate their operations. Our advanced intercom solutions cater to the unique demands of broadcast studios, enabling crisp and immediate communication between control rooms, production teams, and on-air talent. With features such as high-quality audio, group channels, and remote access, our intercom systems empower broadcast companies to deliver flawlessly coordinated productions.

In educational institutions, workplaces, and bustling warehouses, effective communication is the key to safety, productivity, and collaboration. Our versatile intercom solutions extend their benefits beyond the broadcast sector. They serve as a lifeline in schools, allowing for swift responses to emergencies and announcements. In workplaces, they enhance team coordination and efficiency, whether in the office or on the factory floor. In busy warehouses, intercoms facilitate instant communication among staff, reducing errors and increasing productivity. With intercom solutions tailored to these diverse environments, we ensure that clear, reliable communication remains at the heart of your operations, fostering safety, productivity, and success.

Below are some clientele:

  • Citi TV
  • 3 Muisc TV
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Our Intercom System in Action

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Shared Storage Solutions

Empowering Your Data: Local and Cloud Shared Storage Solutions

At Hashcom, we understand the critical role that data storage plays in the modern business landscape. As proud partners of Studio Network Solutions, we bring you the best of both worlds: local and cloud shared storage solutions that empower your organization. Our collaboration with Studio Network Solutions allows us to deliver the cutting-edge EVO storage servers, revolutionizing the way you store, access, and share your data.

Local Storage Excellence: With EVO's local shared storage solutions, you're equipped with robust, high-performance storage right at your fingertips. Whether you're a creative studio, post-production house, or a data-intensive business, EVO's local storage solutions provide the speed and reliability you demand. Enjoy efficient media asset management, seamless project collaboration, and accelerated workflows. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and data transfer delays – your creativity flows freely with local EVO storage. EVO inspires editors, colorists, and producers to live in harmony knowing their media and projects are easy to access, share, and find. It’s a beautiful thing.

Cloud-Powered Flexibility: In a world where remote work is increasingly the norm, EVO's cloud shared storage solutions give you the flexibility to access your data securely from anywhere. We’ve got you covered. EVO and Nomad can help your creative team work from anywhere, edit offline with lightweight proxy files, and make remote workflow work for you.. EVO's integration with cloud services ensures that your data remains protected and accessible, enabling you to collaborate effortlessly and maintain business continuity.

Our portfolio of solutions include:

  • HShareBrowser: Search, find, tag, comment, preview, archive… for the whole team.
  • Slingshot: Automated backups, transcodes, file transfers, and more.
  • Nomad: A must-have for remote video editors.
  • Physical Storage: High performance, scalable storage units.
  • Cloud Services: Cloud workflow for video production.

Integrated Solutions

EVO Shared Media Servers
EVO Shared Media Servers

EVO Shared Media Servers

The EVO shared storage video editing server gives professional media teams incredible performance and supercharged efficiency. It offers a suite of workflow features for on-site and remote users, including the powerful and easy-to-use ShareBrowser MAM, Nomad, and Slingshot with cloud, NLE, and A.I. integrations.

Intercom System
Intercom System

Intercom System

We provide cutting edge and efficient intercom systems, designed to provide reliable communication between different teams and individuals involved in broadcast and audio production. We offer a range of intercom systems with different features and capabilities to meet the specific needs of different applications cases.

EVO Shared Storage Suite
EVO Shared Storage Suite

EVO Shared Storage Suite

With the EVO suite included with every new system includes ShareBrowser, Nomad, and Slingshot. Editors around the world use these apps to power a modern, practical, on-premises and remote workflow solution.