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About Hashcom

We combine exceptional business solutions with a thriving culture and a strong commitment to our local communities. Find out what makes Hashcom genuinely unique.

Major Customers Engaged

National Communications Authority
3 Music Networks
Ministry of Rail Ways Development
Asaase Radio
Despite Media
Citi TV
Bahamus Limited

History of Hashcom

Hashcom Ghana Limited undertakes a wide range of business activities within the Information Communication and technology sectors and is constantly designing and developing new products and services to bring to the technology market. Hashcom is an indigenous wholly owned Ghanaian turnkey Technological Solutions Company set up in 2016 by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Hashcom specializes in innovative broadcast software solutions for broadcast media institutions, comprehensive spectrum management and regulation systems for national regulatory bodies, as well as cloud-based systems for institutions and government agencies in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa. We are a unique technological institution with experienced human resources to deliver products, technical support, and consultancy services to our satisfied clients.

The Company has made significant progress in the past years in achieving its target of becoming one of the promising software and technology partners among both private and public institutions in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa. We are obsessed with our customers. We never stop listening to customers so we can understand both their dreams and the challenges they face and then get to work using technology to solve their most important problems.

Hashcom drives innovation and progressive thinking into products and solutions for all industries. We deliver the latest cutting-edge solutions in consumer technologies and digital trends to create value and accelerate innovation for our cherished customers.

CORE VALUES: ThinkCreate, and Serve are the three fundamental concepts that guide us at Hashcom. These principles serve as a guide for us as we design, develop, and deliver goods, services, and solutions that satisfy and even exceed the expectations of our clients.

1. Think: We made the conscious decision in 2016 to focus on simplicity, efficiency, and productivity. Whether we're introducing a new product or making enhancements, we start by thinking about our customers first. Our vision for modern broadcasting and spectrum management is guided by our thoughtful commitment to every customer's transformation.

2. Create: Information and communications technology innovation is being driven by digital transformation, and it is our mission to be at the forefront of this movement by assisting in the automation of repetitive tasks and enhancing productivity and efficiency through innovations, enabling both small and large businesses to expand more quickly and confidently.

3. Serve: We have a duty of care to the people we serve, including our clients and staff. By establishing enduring connections centered on resolving their problems, we help our clients. By encouraging a creative, considerate, and collaborative environment, we serve our employees.

OUR CULTURE: We are proud of our open culture that attracts a diverse group of people who have the opportunity to improve their skills by working closely with customers to deliver amazing Moments of Service. 

Our Global Tech Partners

LS Telcom
Imago Technologies
EVO shared network solutions
Axel technologies
AEQ Technologies

Our Team

A dedicated, experienced, dynamic, and secure team help provide solid software solutions for all institutions ranging from small companies to large entreprises.

team profile

Baba Halidu Musa

Chief Executive Officer
team profile

Ayishetu Ali

General Manager
team profile

Jonah Etuaful

Software Engineer, Lead
team profile

Benedict Abankwe

Software Engineer