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We provide advanced telecommunication software solutions for regulatory authorities, empowering compliance, control, and innovation.

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Broadcast Management Solution

Revolutionalizing Radio and TV Monitoring Through The Power of Software Technology

  • Our Broadcast Management Solution is the cornerstone of effortless oversight, enabling national authorities to maintain a firm grip on the ever-evolving broadcast landscape. With our state-of-the-art platform, you can efficiently monitor, regulate, and optimize the entire broadcast spectrum.

  • Enjoy real-time insights, streamlined compliance, and simplified licensing procedures, ensuring that every channel operates within the defined parameters. Stay ahead of the game with our Broadcast Management Solution, revolutionizing how you manage the airwaves.

broadcast management solution
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Spectrum Management Solution

No.1 Partner of LStelcom in Providing Automatic Spectrum Management Soltution in Ghana

As radio technology diversifies and commercializes, the demand for spectrum continues to soar. The advent of 5G heralds a new era of wireless applications, connecting more devices, and introducing fresh spectrum users from diverse sectors and the IoT. This surging demand places growing pressure on national regulators and network operators to maximize spectrum efficiency. Our Spectrum Management Solution empowers regulatory authorities to orchestrate the allocation and use of radio frequencies with precision.

With our advanced tools, you can efficiently assign frequencies, maintain spectrum order, and support the deployment of cutting-edge telecommunications networks. Harness the full potential of the spectrum with our Spectrum Management Solution, ushering in a new era of connectivity.

The software solution includes:

  • SPECTRA: The reliable and practice proven solution in spectrum management since more than 20 years.
  • SPECTRAemc: The most powerful spectrum engineering solution that assures optimal spectrum usage with the aid of fully automated coverage predictions, interference assessments and channel assignments.
  • SPECTRAplan: Management of frequency plans
  • mySPECTRA: Web-based, workflow-driven, automated spectrum management

Telecommunication Network Traffic Monitoring Solution

Cutting-edge platform designed to offer unparalleled visibility into Telecommunication network traffic

Our Common Platform solution plays a vital role in telecom industries, contributing to economic development. Developed collaboratively by relevant governmental entities, the platform enhances transparency and analyzes revenues within the communication sector in real-time.

The implementation of this platform contributes to the overall efficiency and governance of the telecommunications industry, fostering growth and addressing key challenges as we continuously provide innovative solutions for a dynamic industry landscape.

Utilizing advanced technologies, our solution provides:

  • Real-time Revenue Analysis: Gain instant insights into revenue streams within the communication sector.
  • Mobile Money Monitoring: Monitor and analyze mobile money activities to ensure secure and efficient transactions.
  • Advanced Fraud Detection: Actively combat fraudulent telecom traffic to maintain the integrity of the network.
  • Data Collection for Policy Decisions: Collect real-time data to inform and shape key policy decisions.
  • Enhanced Transparency: Provide visibility into the communication sector's financial activities, fostering trust and accountability.
traffic monitoring solution